Who are we ?

BARONS GROUP is a Congolese company whose role is to support companies by providing them with tailor-made solutions and allowing them to focus on their core business.
“Be focused on your key business and Barons group will do the rest”.

Our services

Recruitment, Training and Staff Management

Presentation of candidats with profiles adapted to the needs of the company and guarantee clear contracts and permanent payement for your staff and consultants . Performance reports will be produced regularly, holidays respected, salaries and final statements calculated and paid without problems. Acquisition of knowledge and skills required in specific trades. For your consultants, the administrative management will be ensured and the movement reports will be produced without much difficulty. We can take care of the training of your staff in different areas and of your consultants if necessary. Administrative procedures for foreign workers.

Digitization of operational processes

This contract mainly applies to customers whose workforce is quite small. The customer pays monthly rent and STDA maintains the machines.

Accounting, financial audit and certification of accounts

With our experts, we can produce audit reports and certifications of your accounts. In the event that we have the accounting management contract, this work will be done by our independent auditors. Management of accounting and production of financial statements (taxation included): We are able to manage all the accounting part on a daily basis and produce the financial statements on time and on time.

Mid-term and final evaluation of social projects

If you implement projects and you require a mid-term evaluation and/or the final evaluation of the project, our company is able to do it for you.

Conducting market studies, field surveys and

administrative management of investigators and development of business plans

Computing and information technology

based on specifications, our team of developers carries out: -
Website development -
Web and mobile application
development - Graphic and multimedia
design - IOT smart component -
Network and cybersecurity installation - Installation
of surveillance camera and landline telephony

Facilitation and Management of mining contracts

We manage mining concessions and facilitate the purchase and export of raw materials in complete safety and peace of mind in strict compliance with the legal provisions in force.

Logistics Solutions

Tracking of furniture, whether it is vehicles; planes or boats and validation of arrival; Supply; Storage; Transport; Equipment & Machinery

Mechanical Engineering

Plan, lay out diagrams and schematics to determine how to proceed
- Assemble machinery and equipment, using hand and power tools and welding equipment, prior to installation.

- Identify vehicle and/or machine problems and malfunctions
- Determine the nature of faults and failures, using computerized control equipment and other test tools, to determine the extent of repairs to be carry out
- Investigate the cause of breakdowns and check the operation of the machinery to detect faults and failures
- Repair breakdowns, replace worn parts and broken components
- Disassemble and reassemble parts of the vehicle and/or machines
- Test the vehicle and/or machinery to verify that the problem is resolved
- Carry out ordinary maintenance activities of the vehicle and/or machinery
- Install, align, dismantle and move, respecting the plans and using tools manual and electric, stationary industrial machinery or mechanical equipment such as pumps, fans, tanks, conveyors, boilers;
- Operate lifting devices and equipment, such as cranes, forklifts and tractors, to move machinery and parts into place during installation, assembly and repair of machinery
- Inspect and examine machinery and equipment to detect malfunctions and failures
- Install, troubleshoot and maintain hydraulic and pneumatic systems as well as programmable controllers
- Adjust machinery and repair or replace defective parts
- Use machining tools, including lathes and grinders, to fabricate parts needed to repair, maintain or assemble machinery
- Clean, lubricate and perform other machine work routine maintenance of machinery

electrical engineering

- Design and develop installations, devices, circuits, electrical plans
- Make prototypes to be tested
- Perform calculations, analyzes and simulations
- Write specific technical documentation and certificates of conformity

- Supervise the installation and testing activities of electrical installations, machines and circuits
- Manage the maintenance of electrical appliances and installations
- Carry out repairs and refurbishments of electrical installations

Instrumentation and automation

- Install and configure a technical infrastructure
- Develop and reprogram technical systems
- Use specialized instruments and equipment
- Organize and coordinate the repair of equipment taking into account production constraints

- Establish rectification and maintenance methods
- Calibrate components and systems
- Identify and diagnose malfunctions and/or anomalies and propose relevant solutions
- Interpret and use information and/or technical data
- Use computer tools related to metrology
- Write all or part of a document according to the technical requirements (procedures, operating modes, updating of a technical file, etc.)

civil engineering

- Establish the dimensioning of the work (measurement, surfaces, profile, nature and quantity of materials) using computer programs.
- Prepare and carry out field studies, inspections and technical surveys (eg topographical surveys, nature of the soil, water supply and drainage, roads, development).

- Define the detailed project in terms of preparation of plans, acceptance tests, assessment of environmental constraints.
- Carry out a detailed analysis of the site and produce the documents by reporting (maps, graphs, layers, diagrams).
- Establish a technical file relating to the project.
- Develop overall plans and distribution of masses.
- Develop detailed plans and make a cost estimate for the implementation of systems, the use of infrastructures or the construction of structural elements. - Supervise and control the final file and the technical notes, for example to define the dimensions of the infrastructures and the specifications of the materials.
- Visit the site and evaluate the work of contractors, ensure the absence of design errors and compliance with specifications and standards.
- Report on problems occurring on the site and negotiate changes to resolve anomalies.

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